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Painting Contractors

A clean and well-prepared surface is vital for a smooth and efficient paint project (application). At Dry Ice Works, we partner with commercial and industrial painters who benefit from dry ice blasting ahead of their jobs painting ceilings, walls, industrial equipment, and more. We use clean and advanced methods for surface preparation. We blast at a controlled pressure, ensuring all unwelcome materials and residue are removed in order to prevent premature paint failure. Dry ice blasting will remove the surface rust, oxidation, and salts that can corrode the surfaces your customers are looking to have painted, reducing dust and waste along the way.

Benefits of Working with Dry Ice Works for Paint and Surface Preparation

Efficiency: In contrast to manual solvent- and brush-cleaning, dry ice blasting cuts preparation time and cost. The process of disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling machinery is eliminated, minimizing labor costs and increasing productivity. You’re able to start your painting project immediately after our preparation process, as there is no dry time required with dry ice blasting.

Cleanliness: Solid dry ice turns into carbon dioxide gas upon contact, which results in a dry process, unlike traditional, outdated surface preparation methods.

Waste-free: After a long painting job, the last thing you want to do is clean up for an unreasonable amount of time. Dry ice blasting solves this issue by eliminating secondary waste, thus also eliminating the high costs of disposal. Working with Dry Ice Works allows you and your customers to pursue sustainability objectives through our environmentally safe and friendly paint preparation process.

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