Industrial Cleaning

dry ice blast technicians cleaning a press

Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

Dry ice cleaning should be your first choice in maintaining your facility. With regular cleaning, Dry Ice Works can help you maximize tooling life, minimize downtime, reduce cleaning labor costs, and helps you meet environmental safety standards.

Dry Ice Works can clean nearly any piece of equipment without taking anything apart or introducing water or chemicals. Our system is a fast and effective method for removing even the toughest dirt, grease, sludge, and other sediment from commercial and industrial equipment. Dry ice cleaning is also an effective solution for preparing a surface to be painted.

Industrial Cleaning Southfield Michigan - Dry Ice Blasting Solutions | Dry Ice Works - gear1Dry ice cleaning is a highly efficient alternative to steam, water, or sand blasting.

Unlike water or steam blasting, the dry ice method allows you to immediately put your equipment back into service, as it requires zero dry time. It also doesn’t result in dirty, contaminated water that must be safely removed in order to reduce the risk of mold or mildew forming after cleaning. Unlike sandblasting, dry ice cleaning is entirely non-abrasive and will not wear away the surface of your equipment, nor does it require your equipment to be moved - reducing the potential for damage caused in transit. Your equipment can be kept in place throughout the entire cleaning process!

graphic depiction of dry ice blastingDry ice blasting works by projecting highly accelerated soft dry ice, which creates ‘mini-explosions’ upon impact. This results in undesirable items being lifted from the surface without any risk of causing damage.

Dry ice cleaning has many benefits over traditional methods:

  • Completely non-toxic and requires no harsh chemicals
  • Allows most equipment to be cleaned in place without requiring disassembly
  • Is highly effective at cleaning grease, paints, oils, residue, biofilm, and more
  • Sublimates upon impact
  • Is approved for use in commercial food processing facilities
  • Can be used for a wide range of cleaning applications, and can be adjusted to be as gentle or aggressive as needed
  • Poses no fire hazard or risk of damaging electrical or mechanical equipment
  • Faster than cleaning by hand

Dry ice cleaning is effective for a wide range of industrial cleaning applications:

  • Molding equipment
  • Weld Cells
  • Process equipment
  • Tanks
  • Ship hulls
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Printing presses
  • Boiler tubes
  • Aircrafts
  • Robotics
  • Oil field equipment
  • And much more