Food & Beverage Industry...Meet Dry Ice Cleaning

Food & Beverage Industry...Meet Dry Ice Cleaning - Blog - Dry Ice Works - Honey-Before-After(1)

Pictured above: Blasting off old burned up honey that's caked on heat exchanger plates used in manufacturing honey using Cold Jet's NEW Aero2 PLT60 machine.


The perfect recipe for optimal sanitation 

When it comes to the food and beverage industry, sanitation and safety are of the utmost importance. Maintaining the cleanliness of your food-processing surfaces is a vital practice to ensure that you are not only producing high-quality products but preventing bacteria growth from leftover contaminants such as grease, food, allergens, or grime. 

Production managers who choose to hire crews that use harsh chemicals to clean their facility could experience noticeable differences in quality and standards; the taste of your food and overall quality could be affected, the process is much more time consuming, and sanitation standards could be compromised if toxic secondary waste is produced.


The dry ice cleaning method is the only food-grade media approved by the EPA, FDA, and USDA for use around food processing.


So what’s the solution? Introducing, dry ice blasting!

Dry ice is colorless, tasteless, odorless, waterless, and non-toxic and therefore never compromising taste, quality, or safety. On top of all that, the dry ice cleaning method is quicker, produces superior results, is environmentally-friendly, and is more cost-effective when compared to traditional methods. 

Dry ice removes caked-on flour, grease, dust, oil, and other residues from ovens, conveyors, containers, mixers, electrical components and motors, cold storage, and more, leaving behind no harmful secondary waste and prolonging the life of your equipment. 

Another added bonus, dry ice blasting can clean in place, meaning disassembly of equipment is not required. “Cleaning with dry ice effectively replaces expensive and labor-intensive manual scrubbing processes and eliminates the need for caustic chemicals and/or water. No wiping by hand is required, reducing possible injury to the workforce as well as possible damage to the blades.”1

There are strict regulations in this industry to ensure the safety of your patrons and we are here to help you uphold and maintain your sanitation standards. No matter which sector of the food industry you are in, dry ice blasting will produce a superior result.

  • Bakeries
  • Candy manufacturing
  • Coffee roasters
  • Dairy product manufacturing
  • Ingredient manufacturing
  • Potato chip manufacturing
  • Pudding manufacturing
  • Snack food manufacturing
  • Spice manufacturing
  • Tortilla and tortilla chip manufacturing
  • ...and more!

Don’t cry over spilled milk, or anything for that matter, call us today and see how we can become your personal cleaning solutions partner. 

(248) 356-9616



1Baking & Food Processing, Continental Carbonic Products, Inc.

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